a graphical user interface R Package for QC-based signal correction and interpretations of mass spectrometry-based omics data. Dio:

QC-RFSC is an accurate and efficient approach to remove inter- and intra- batch of unwanted variations.

For metabolomics and proteomics

Large-scale metabolomics and proteomics study, the use of multiple batches of biological samples, and analytical experiments.


Graphical user interface

statTarget is implemented in R (R ver. 3.3. +), a free and open source language, and using the RGTK2 graphical library.


QC-based signal correction

A method with high accuracy and precision for signal correction in metabolomics and proteomics data.


Volcano plot, Box plot, and rich graph outputs.

Univariate analysis

Welch's t-test, Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test, ROC, Odd ratio.

Multivariate statistical analysis

PCA, PLS-DA, VIP, S-plot, Random forest, Permutation importance.